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“Excuse me, I ordered over 5 minutes ago and I’m still waiting on my food. Is everything okay?”

I found myself uttering these words last week as I stood in a queue in McDonalds. I wasn’t annoyed or overly hungry, it was just that I expected my food to come within a few moments of ordering it.

Just today I found myself getting impatient because I had stood behind a woman who was blocking a shop aisle for around 10 seconds. I wasn’t in a hurry and didn’t need to get anywhere.

It’s either our humanity or our culture that has conditioned us this way.
We send a text message and expect a reply within the hour.
We order a package online and click next day delivery.
We click on a youtube video and groan when we have to endure a 20 second ad.

Maybe it’s okay that things are like that in our world, but I don’t want to live all of my life in this way. I don’t want that attitude to creep into other areas of my life. In my decisions, my friendships, my experiences….even my prayers.

Significant growth demands patience, consistency, time and process.
Character is formed, friendships are built, projects are developed.
Things that last take time.

And so I don’t want to be a person who walks away when it isn’t working.
Or rushes the process.
Or abandons the friendship.

I don’t want to stop praying the prayers.
Or miss the learning points.
Or give up hope.

And I’m thankful for the picture painted in the Bible of a God who doesn’t give up
A God who refused to abandon His people even when they abandoned Him.
who continued to love humanity even in the biggest of messes.
who persevered through suffering and death
and who still reaches out to me despite my own failings.

“I have fought the good fight
I have finished the race
I have kept the faith.”
2 Timothy 4:7

The Gospel

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It’s huge and yet it’s personal

It’s rich and yet it costs nothing

It’s bigger than me yet it involves us

It’s embodied by one yet it’s open to all

It’s focused upwards yet it points outwards

It’s weighty but it helps to lighten our burdens

It impacts my future yet it shapes my present

It’s steeped in history but it speaks to us now

It’s intensely spiritual but extemely practical

It’s wonderfully complex yet incredibly simple

It’s debated by the learned yet embraced by fools

Libraries are dedicated to it yet it can be summarised in a sentence

It’s wider than we know yet remains a narrow path to walk

Once upon a time…

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once upon a time.001

Once upon a time there was a man who changed the world.

But before he was a man, he was first a boy.
Before he was a boy, he was first a baby.

And so once upon a time there was a baby who changed the world.

But this was a time when nobody knew him.
This was a place where nobody recognised him.
This is a story where few people noticed him.

There was no advertising campaign and little promotional build up.
With all eyes focused on Caesar’s census, few heads turned to see the Almighty’s arrival.
Bethlehem had no room. Herod had no clue.

It sounds almost too incredible to say yet even more unbelievable to think.
While the world looked one way, God sneaked into the world.
God crept onto earth.

It happened in the company of unreputable farmers, some horoscope readers, a pregnant virgin and a bewildered bloke.
The backdrop was a dirty feeding trough within a smelly shed.

Into time stepped the timeless one.
Earth’s newest creation was the Uncreated One.
The world’s youngest human was the Ageless One.
The All Powerful One had yet to learn to walk and talk.

Few noticed.
No one seemed to care.
All this took place while earth slept.

And yet one day he would become a teacher.
A healer. A revolutionary.

He was called a king yet he didn’t sit on a throne.
He spoke of a kingdom yet he didn’t own any land.
He was followed in the street yet he stooped to wash feet.

His entrance to the world signalled a change.
Time swivels on him.
People swear by him.
History points to him.

Locals and foreigners rushed to the manger.
Sinners and saints sat at his feet.
Fishermen and freedom fighters followed his every move.

And all were welcomed.
All were invited.
All became part of the Kingdom that he was building here on earth.

And today we stand looking back on his birth.
Today we gather to reflect on his life.
Today we too are invited to know this King.

Locals and foreigners.
Sinners and saints.
You and I.

Once upon a time there was a man who changed the world.

Tell me what makes a man…

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I’m just going to say it…

…I think true manhood is in danger of being lost. And I would love to talk about it.

Westlife used to sing a song about telling us what makes a man. While I can’t remember what they told us about what defined manhood, I remain unconvinced that their song will give us all the answers. But manhood is something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently.

In many of the young men I know, I often see an uncertainty as to what manhood actually looks like for them. Perhaps it’s due to a narrowing of the gender divide, or as a result of a growing reluctance to tackle a taboo, or as a reaction against what has gone before.

I’m not referring to manhood being found in body appearance or dress sense, strength or sexual desire. But in values and principals wired into the male DNA that should be developed & explored. As I look at my toddling young son, what type of man do I hope & pray about him becoming?

/// I want him to develop the strength & power in his body, not so he can flex his muscles in a mirror, but so he will help others with practical needs when they need it most.

/// I want him to stand up to trouble, not the trouble made by others but the trouble he has created, by taking responsibility and refusing to shift the blame.

/// I want him to lead others, not by asserting authority over others or by getting to the top of the tree, but by being an influence & example in how he lives his life.

/// I want him to use the incredible energy he has as a young man, not to be noticed or admired, but to make a contribution in the world around him.

/// I want him to grasp the initiative, not by seizing control, but by apologising first, breaking the ice & not being scared to have the difficult conversations.

/// I want him to be vocal, not by shouting in a loud voice, but by speaking out for the things that matter.

/// I want him to hold the door for others, not because they are hard to open, but because it’s a nice thing to do.

/ I want him to commit to a project until he finishes it
/ I want him to look a girl in the eyes and tell her how he feels
/ I want him to provide for others because the world isn’t all about him
/ And I want him to pay for others food because the world needs more generosity

Of course I fall short of these expectations myself. I want to be more resourceful, more sacrificial, more generous. And I strive for more of them.

And of course these attributes aren’t simply unique to the male gender. But I keep coming back to the biblical principal that God created mankind in his own image – both male and female – and I want to rediscover what that manhood in Gods image looks like, for me, for my son, and for the incredible young men I work with.

Those poor children…

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I think I’ve always assumed that we are the rich ones.
I’ve believed that because we have things that we are the fortunate ones.
And having stuff means we are the ones with lots to offer to those with less stuff than us.

Spending time in Uganda this month underlined that this really isn’t the case. Of course when it comes to money and resources I have much more than the children, young people and families I met. And for that I am thankful…and know I have a responsibility to share some of those resources.

But amidst the open hands we found, the hungry mouths we fed, and the needy people we met, I found a richness that I often don’t experience here in the more affluent West.

A richness in community
Richness of relationships
Richness in family life
Children rich in smiles
People rich in their contentment
Christians, rich in faith

I meet poor children all the time
Poor children who think happiness is found in 100 likes on their profile photo
Poor children who choose online gaming over hanging out with their friends
Poor children who turn up their nose at a meal on their table
Poor children who can’t seem to let a smile cross their face
Poor children who haven’t had a decent conversation with a parent all week
Poor children who think that fun is found in the bottom of a bottle

At the end of an incredible fortnight, I now sit in my home thankful for all that I have around me. But I also remain determined to recover what true richness really is.

“Listen, my dear brothers and sisters: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him?” James 2:5

No one wants to get lost

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No one wants to get lost

When you set out on a journey, you want to reach the destination.
When you get on a bus, you don’t want it to take a wrong turn (unless it’s the school bus)
When I drive my car, I want to get to the place I’m going safely

In Luke 15, Jesus tells a story about a sheep that wandered off and ended up far away from the rest of the sheep. The sheep got lost.

Jesus didn’t say that the sheep was a bad sheep that wanted to escape. I don’t think the sheep wanted to get lost. It didn’t set out and see how far it could run away from the Shepherd. It just wandered off and got lost. Put it’s head down, got distracted and got lost.

None of you choose to get lost in your lives. In your faith.
None of you try to wander away from God and escape His grasp.
None of you set out to get messed up, or upset, or lonely or broken.
None of you want to get distracted and lost.
None of you are bad sheep.

But at times we wander off. At times we get distracted. At times we end up with our heads down, eating grass, attracted to stuff, and when we look up suddenly we realise that we’re lost.

The beauty of this story that Jesus told isn’t that the sheep had to find its way back. Or had to say sorry 1000 times before it got back in the fold. Instead it was the Shepherd who went looking. Searching until the lost sheep was found.

The sheep isn’t the hero of this story. The shepherd is.
And you aren’t the hero of your story either. God is.

It’s God who has gone looking, not the other way around.
It’s Him who has come for you.
It’s He who reaches out and forgives.

And so if you’ve got distracted.
If you are lost or alone.
If you feel far off…

Know that there is a God who is searching and looking for you, longing for you to return home.

Call out to Him. He is closer than you think.

(Check out the story here)

Still just water…

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So I’ve tried to resist talking or blogging too much about this throughout the year…mainly because I was scared that I wouldn’t last. Last December I took the decision that I would take on a year long challenge for 2013 that would push me, challenge me and also raise some money.

I decided to drink nothing but water for 1 year.

At times I’ve regretted it. Some days I’ve felt like giving up. In the early part of the year there were meals I almost forgot!

The warmer days of summer were tough. Some social occasions have been awkward. Constantly turning down some drinks has been annoying!

But I’ve done it. I’ve resisted. I’ve kept going the distance.

This New Year’s Resolution hasn’t been broken.

And the main motivation came from this moment…

15 months ago in Uganda I remember thirsting on a baking hot day for a fizzy drink. I was tired and drained from our days activities in the searing heat and I couldn’t wait to open the bottle of Fanta in my hand. And it tasted so good. But what was in my hand was such a luxury to all the natives and children around me…something that they couldn’t afford, a luxury they couldn’t have.

And so this year I’ve given up one luxury in my life to raise lots of money for children like these. And I would appeal to you to join me in this by donating some of your money to the charity and cause I’ve chosen – Standy by Me. You can donate over here at https://www.justgiving.com/rickswateryear – perhaps giving up one coffee or drink of your own this week might help to contribute to what you can give. I am aiming raise £1000 before the end of the year…or alternatively 100 people to give £10 each. Can you help?


Stand by Me is dedicated to meeting the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs of children and youth who have no other reasonable means of support. They build homes and provide children with 24-hour care in a loving, family style environment. In many countries around the world children are cared for from infancy until the time they are able to function as an independent member of society. Their homes are designed to meet the children’s needs within the context of the culture in which they are living. Each individual child entrusted to them is special, unique, valued and loved. Most of their children take an active part in society, with some graduating from university.

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