Have we missed the glory of the story? Have our ears grown numb to angels appearing, Joseph dreaming, the star gleaming and the Christmas meaning? Do we smile with fondness at the quaint little tale, as we focus on decorating, entertaining and pre-Christmas sales?

Many missed the glory of the story. With all eyes focused on Caesar’s census, few heads turned to see the Almighty’s arrival. There was no advertising campaign and little promotional build up. Bethlehem had no room and Herod had no clue.

Yet into the silence came not armies or trumpets, but a baby’s cry. The backdrop was a dirty feeding trough within a smelly shed. The audience were disreputable farmers, horoscope readers, a pregnant virgin and a bewildered bloke.

All this took place while earth slept. Few noticed or seemed to care. Yet his entrance signalled a change. Time swivels on him. People swear by him. History points to him.

Into time stepped the timeless one.
Earth’s newest creation was the Uncreated One.
The world’s youngest human was the Ageless One.
The God of Angel Armies became the weakest human.
The All Powerful One had yet to learn to walk and talk.

This paradox of humanity and divinity would reveal what God is like.
The one who spoke through prophets was now speaking through his son.

The King of heaven exchanged his throne for a cradle.
The Creator entered into his own creation.
The Author put himself on the page.
The Infinite became an infant.
The Giver became the gift.

A gift missed by the masses but seen by the lowly on the fringes.
A gift, not perfectly wrapped with a ribbon and bow, but one messy and helpless.
A gift with no return policy or gift receipt, but sent as the rescue package for a broken world.

The gift of a sin forgiver who perfectly fitted the gap between God and man.

Outsiders and foreigners rushed to the manger. One day, fishermen and freedom fighters would follow, while sinners and saints would sit at his feet.

He was called a king yet he didn’t sit on a throne.
He spoke of a kingdom yet he didn’t own any land.
He was followed in the street yet he stooped to wash feet.

All were welcomed. All were invited to become part of a Kingdom being established.

At Christmas we don’t just celebrate the past birth of a baby but we anticipate the future coming of a Saviour.

Today we stand looking back on his birth.
Today we gather to reflect on his life.
Today we too are invited to worship this King.