Leaders matter and how they lead matters.
Leaders chart a course, set the tone, change the dynamic and shape people. The character of a leader is critical because everything they do flows from who they are. The capacity of a leader will either limit or liberate the people they lead. The culture a leader creates will shape their present environment and determine their lasting legacy. Leaders matter and how they lead matters.
But leadership is demanding, difficult and dangerous. Some avoid it, while others escape it or deface it. Some leaders stay safe and silent, refusing to step out from the shadows, convinced they have little to offer. Some leaders grow stale and stagnant, replicating the same methods and stuck on the hamster-wheel of past-glories. Some leaders can be damaging and divisive, either unaware of how their actions affect others or determined to advance their cause at any expense.
In this mix of innocence reluctance, mindless repetition and toxic practice, there is a critical need to equip and empower a generation of leaders who will chart an alternative course and lead a different way. In a me-first society, the way of Jesus is an altogether different way to lead. It sacrifices and serves rather than forces or dominates. It crouches down more than it climbs ladders. It is counter-cultural yet all-embracing; it requires courage yet offers safety; it pushes deep and reaches wide. Ultimately it invites, leads and accompanies people on the narrow path of faithfulness to Jesus and commitment to Christ.
Leadership matters and how we lead matters.