An excerpt from a book I’m currently reading called “Discipleship that Fits” by Bobby Harrington & Alex Absalom. Really thought provoking and I found myself nodding along to this:

“We need to work out how to be missionaries in our culture who make disciples. For too long we as the church have focused almost solely on reaching those who will come to us, at a time and place of our choosing. This places the burden of change, of needing to shifts cultures to fit into the little world we have created, entirely on those we are seeking to reach! No wonder the Western church is struggling!

Even a passing glimpse at the New Testament reveals that the current strategy for discipleship is not the primary commission Jesus has give us. He is clear: we are to go out into the world, meeting people on their turf, representing Jesus in that environment, working out what good news would look like in that place, and forming expressions of church that are fully faithful to the gospel yet also fully incarnated into that particular neighbourhood or network of relationships.”