Fishing Boat
On the shore sat a failed fisherman.
All night he had fished and the results weren’t good.

“We’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything.” Luke 5:5

To the experienced fisherman, the carpenter comes along and offers a new angle, a fresh approach. He calls Peter into deeper waters. And Peter follows.

“Now go where it is deeper…” Luke 5:4

In our more honest moments we can admit that the church’s nets aren’t always bulging.

Of course we work hard,
we try everything,
and at times we fish all night.

But often the results don’t change.
The nets don’t bulge.

And so I’m intrigued by the response of Jesus.

He doesn’t ask them to fish harder
Or to go to a different lake
He doesn’t tell them to keep going
But instead to try a fresh approach

The place Peter was fishing in was too shallow.
His depth of fishing didn’t match the depth of Jesus’ vision.

We often ask the question how do we support young people?
I would argue that the question is too small.

We often ask the question how can we attract teenagers to our churches?
I would argue that the question is too small.

Jesus didn’t support the disciples. He challenged them.
He didn’t attract the 12. He called them.
He didn’t pastor Peter, James and John. He provoked them.
Jesus didn’t hold the disciples’ hands. He launched them into mission.

Last week I sat in hospital with my Granny as she was attended to by a nurse still in her teens. Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook to the world in his early twenties. Ed Sheeran, Ella Henderson and Sam Smith, current shapers of British music are all under the age of 24. Rory McIlroy won his first major titles at the age of 21.

The world is constantly shaped by young people. In our society many young people perform life saving operations, run businesses, make major policy decisions to shape society.

And yet in our churches too often we engage young people in talking shops, tame projects, and token roles.
At best they are entertained or accommodated.
At worst they are overlooked or ignored.

We don’t protect young people from the dangers of the world & keep them in
We equip them for the world & send them out.

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28:19