“Excuse me, I ordered over 5 minutes ago and I’m still waiting on my food. Is everything okay?”

I found myself uttering these words last week as I stood in a queue in McDonalds. I wasn’t annoyed or overly hungry, it was just that I expected my food to come within a few moments of ordering it.

Just today I found myself getting impatient because I had stood behind a woman who was blocking a shop aisle for around 10 seconds. I wasn’t in a hurry and didn’t need to get anywhere.

It’s either our humanity or our culture that has conditioned us this way.
We send a text message and expect a reply within the hour.
We order a package online and click next day delivery.
We click on a youtube video and groan when we have to endure a 20 second ad.

Maybe it’s okay that things are like that in our world, but I don’t want to live all of my life in this way. I don’t want that attitude to creep into other areas of my life. In my decisions, my friendships, my experiences….even my prayers.

Significant growth demands patience, consistency, time and process.
Character is formed, friendships are built, projects are developed.
Things that last take time.

And so I don’t want to be a person who walks away when it isn’t working.
Or rushes the process.
Or abandons the friendship.

I don’t want to stop praying the prayers.
Or miss the learning points.
Or give up hope.

And I’m thankful for the picture painted in the Bible of a God who doesn’t give up
A God who refused to abandon His people even when they abandoned Him.
who continued to love humanity even in the biggest of messes.
who persevered through suffering and death
and who still reaches out to me despite my own failings.

“I have fought the good fight
I have finished the race
I have kept the faith.”
2 Timothy 4:7