once upon a time.001

Once upon a time there was a man who changed the world.

But before he was a man, he was first a boy.
Before he was a boy, he was first a baby.

And so once upon a time there was a baby who changed the world.

But this was a time when nobody knew him.
This was a place where nobody recognised him.
This is a story where few people noticed him.

There was no advertising campaign and little promotional build up.
With all eyes focused on Caesar’s census, few heads turned to see the Almighty’s arrival.
Bethlehem had no room. Herod had no clue.

It sounds almost too incredible to say yet even more unbelievable to think.
While the world looked one way, God sneaked into the world.
God crept onto earth.

It happened in the company of unreputable farmers, some horoscope readers, a pregnant virgin and a bewildered bloke.
The backdrop was a dirty feeding trough within a smelly shed.

Into time stepped the timeless one.
Earth’s newest creation was the Uncreated One.
The world’s youngest human was the Ageless One.
The All Powerful One had yet to learn to walk and talk.

Few noticed.
No one seemed to care.
All this took place while earth slept.

And yet one day he would become a teacher.
A healer. A revolutionary.

He was called a king yet he didn’t sit on a throne.
He spoke of a kingdom yet he didn’t own any land.
He was followed in the street yet he stooped to wash feet.

His entrance to the world signalled a change.
Time swivels on him.
People swear by him.
History points to him.

Locals and foreigners rushed to the manger.
Sinners and saints sat at his feet.
Fishermen and freedom fighters followed his every move.

And all were welcomed.
All were invited.
All became part of the Kingdom that he was building here on earth.

And today we stand looking back on his birth.
Today we gather to reflect on his life.
Today we too are invited to know this King.

Locals and foreigners.
Sinners and saints.
You and I.

Once upon a time there was a man who changed the world.