No one wants to get lost

When you set out on a journey, you want to reach the destination.
When you get on a bus, you don’t want it to take a wrong turn (unless it’s the school bus)
When I drive my car, I want to get to the place I’m going safely

In Luke 15, Jesus tells a story about a sheep that wandered off and ended up far away from the rest of the sheep. The sheep got lost.

Jesus didn’t say that the sheep was a bad sheep that wanted to escape. I don’t think the sheep wanted to get lost. It didn’t set out and see how far it could run away from the Shepherd. It just wandered off and got lost. Put it’s head down, got distracted and got lost.

None of you choose to get lost in your lives. In your faith.
None of you try to wander away from God and escape His grasp.
None of you set out to get messed up, or upset, or lonely or broken.
None of you want to get distracted and lost.
None of you are bad sheep.

But at times we wander off. At times we get distracted. At times we end up with our heads down, eating grass, attracted to stuff, and when we look up suddenly we realise that we’re lost.

The beauty of this story that Jesus told isn’t that the sheep had to find its way back. Or had to say sorry 1000 times before it got back in the fold. Instead it was the Shepherd who went looking. Searching until the lost sheep was found.

The sheep isn’t the hero of this story. The shepherd is.
And you aren’t the hero of your story either. God is.

It’s God who has gone looking, not the other way around.
It’s Him who has come for you.
It’s He who reaches out and forgives.

And so if you’ve got distracted.
If you are lost or alone.
If you feel far off…

Know that there is a God who is searching and looking for you, longing for you to return home.

Call out to Him. He is closer than you think.

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