So I’ve tried to resist talking or blogging too much about this throughout the year…mainly because I was scared that I wouldn’t last. Last December I took the decision that I would take on a year long challenge for 2013 that would push me, challenge me and also raise some money.

I decided to drink nothing but water for 1 year.

At times I’ve regretted it. Some days I’ve felt like giving up. In the early part of the year there were meals I almost forgot!

The warmer days of summer were tough. Some social occasions have been awkward. Constantly turning down some drinks has been annoying!

But I’ve done it. I’ve resisted. I’ve kept going the distance.

This New Year’s Resolution hasn’t been broken.

And the main motivation came from this moment…

15 months ago in Uganda I remember thirsting on a baking hot day for a fizzy drink. I was tired and drained from our days activities in the searing heat and I couldn’t wait to open the bottle of Fanta in my hand. And it tasted so good. But what was in my hand was such a luxury to all the natives and children around me…something that they couldn’t afford, a luxury they couldn’t have.

And so this year I’ve given up one luxury in my life to raise lots of money for children like these. And I would appeal to you to join me in this by donating some of your money to the charity and cause I’ve chosen – Standy by Me. You can donate over here at – perhaps giving up one coffee or drink of your own this week might help to contribute to what you can give. I am aiming raise £1000 before the end of the year…or alternatively 100 people to give £10 each. Can you help?


Stand by Me is dedicated to meeting the physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs of children and youth who have no other reasonable means of support. They build homes and provide children with 24-hour care in a loving, family style environment. In many countries around the world children are cared for from infancy until the time they are able to function as an independent member of society. Their homes are designed to meet the children’s needs within the context of the culture in which they are living. Each individual child entrusted to them is special, unique, valued and loved. Most of their children take an active part in society, with some graduating from university.