The joys of youth work mean that when you ask your young people to take part in something, it usually means that you need to be prepared to do the same. A couple of weeks back I grabbed a few places on a charity abseil at the Obel Tower intending that they would be for the young people. But I suppose it never works that way…!!

Habitat for Humanity are a fantastic charity that I’ve been aware of and seen at work from a distance for many years, but finally I’m delighted to get on board with what they are doing right here in Northern Ireland. Next month I’ll have the chance along with a group of young people to be involved in a building project for disadvantaged people in Belfast and I’m excited about the chance to be practical for those on the margins of our society.

I’m not a huge fan of heights but having abseiled many times before I wasn’t too bothered. But the height of the Obel Tower, Ireland’s highest building, took my breath away a little and I began feeling pretty ill as I stood waiting at the top!! My 3 fellow young people were also pretty freaked out, some conquering fears of heights and all of them abseiling for the first ever time. 300 feet is some way to start!! Slipping ourselves over the edge, seeing Belfast sprawled out before us and allowing our feet to dangle in mid air was an incredible moment. But after a long descent we all managed it!

It was a great way to do a small little bit to raise money for this amazing project. Would love you to join us in it by donating even a small amount to help us reach our target. Struck by the fact that its easy to like a facebook status or photo, but much harder to sacrifice. That’s what I’m being challenged by right now and I suppose today was a small part of that for me.

Here is our JustGiving site over at – 100% of which goes straight to Habitat for Humanity. Thanks in advance for any support and here are some snaps…