The great leaders of today like Alan Sugar, Alex Ferguson, Steve Jobs and Nelson Mandela all had something that made them great. Whether it was vision, creativity, commitment or longevity, each of them have been outstanding leaders in their fields. If we are to lead well then we are going to need people of vision, full of creativity who will commit for the long haul.

We can learn a lot from the life of Joseph. He was a true leader of his family, and of his generation. Here are 3 simple things we can learn from his life.

1.   Launch
Joseph was a man of vision. He dreamed a lot and when he shared these dreams with his family, he got laughed at, ridiculed, and even bullied. We too must search for a God given dream and vision for our settings, and we should take time to share and communicate these things. We are warned in Proverbs that “without vision the people perish” and so we must continually listen and strain our ears for what this is in our context.

We also need to remember that Joseph had these dreams when he was still young and so we also must have the humility to listen to the thoughts and dreams of those around us.

Great leaders have great vision. What is your vision for where you are: your family, your town, your job, your church or your community?

2.   Lead
Joseph led no matter what his circumstances were. Whether he was sold into slavery, wrongly accused, put into prison, forgotten about or standing in front of the Pharaoh, he continued to lead and set an example to those around him.

Too often we let circumstances or failure hold us back from leading well. Joseph became a leader of his generation, but this leadership started when he was in prison as he led those around him. Set aside your excuses and begin to lead from where you are.

Great leaders lead no matter the circumstances. What are you letting hold you back from leading well?

3.   Last
Finally, we need leaders who last in an instant world. Joseph stayed true to his calling the whole way through his life and kept on leading right until the end. Far too often in leadership, particularly with young people, we maintain such a short-term vision. I once heard it said that we shouldn’t overestimate what we can achieve in one year, but we also shouldn’t underestimate what we can achieve in 5. For more than a decade Joseph led at the front of government, gaining integrity, trust and relationships. Let’s do the same in our areas of leadership. Let’s keep going!

So keep launching, keep leading and keep lasting wherever you are!