in no particular order…!!

1. A few days in London with my family, getting inside the Palace, meeting the Queen & seeing Dad receive his MBE
2. Our holiday in Donegal with a group of amazing friends
3. A new job, a new community, a new challenge and a new start
4. Watching friends get married
5. Our friend Paul arriving randomly on our doorstep after being away for the last 2 years away
6. Christmas hotel break with Sarah
7. The banter of weekends away with young people
8. Times in Dublin learning, discussing and laughing
9. Finishing my 2nd marathon with a new personal best
10. Church weekend away at the North Coast
11. Serving with an amazing team of leaders
12. Seeing Sarah’s face after she got accepted for her PGCE course

oh and 13…..Spurs are 3rd in the league!!!