This week I watched a scene from a movie which moved me incredibly. It was depicting the journey of cancer and was possibly one of the most powerful movie scenes I’ve ever seen. However, the scene had no words, no conversation and no lyrics. This space was filled with music.

Recently Sarah was watching One Tree Hill. I wasn’t focusing on it but was aware that most of the ‘dramatic’ speeches and conversation were accompanied by the soundtrack. I reckon at least 75% of that show is set to music. The characters words aren’t enough by themselves….they need music!

There is no doubt that music has power over our emotions. But not just that, I also believe it enhances our listening. When used in a certain way, music can grab our attention and arrest our senses. And there also are many people who are gifted in creating, producing, writing and playing music…

Which leaves me frustrated.

Frustrated that when it comes to the church, we use the gift of music in a one dimensional way.
Frustrated that when a young person shows signs of musical talent they get immediately placed in the band at the front.
Frustrated that often the only outlet for talented musicians is to accompany singing that all too often drowns out the beauty…

How we need new sounds to engage our emotions and senses. I dream of music being used to uplift our spoken words. I hope that we can release others to produce music that will be used to bring out the beauty in creative films that speak truth and hope into others.

Don’t believe the lie that it’s just about the words…