I’ve been dishonest lately.
I’ve been dishonest far too many times and with far too many people.

I’ve been dishonest when I’ve remained silent instead of speaking truth.
I lied when I said I understood, yet clearly had no idea what you were going through.
I didn’t tell the truth when I said that I agreed with what you said.
I wanted to tell that person that they are better than that.
I shouldn’t have worried what others might think of me and my opinions.

I could have been truthful when I was asked what I really thought.
I might have helped you to know that you are loved and accepted, and don’t need to look for that in the people around you.
I should have spoken up to challenge that attitude.

I want the courage to share the things that are on my heart more.
I desire to be more authentic and real with those around me.
I long for the opportunity to help you see that there is a better way than the way things are.
I would love to stop being dishonest…