So often we can be mistaken into thinking that numbers equals significance, that large crowds means success, the big event leads to the best.

But in the upside down kingdom of God, sometimes the opposite is true. Even when it comes to prayer we can spend so much time trying to get more people to the weekly prayer meeting, or for more people to read the prayer letter.

However, recently I’ve been drawn to the many times in God’s story when He chose to use the few. It only took 3 praying men to cause the Israelites to defeat the Amalekites. The 1 stone of David to topple Goliath. The 300 men of Gideon to win the battle.

God doesn’t require huge numbers to work in power. Perhaps this should encourage us as we approach Him in prayer. How I need to be more aware that my small prayers can make a difference to the Almighty God.

So today remember that the power of the 1 is evident throughout the Bible. The 1 lost coin. The 1 lost sheep. And the 1 lost son.