Been reading a book by Brennan Manning recently. Have always loved his stuff but have found this really refreshing…especially in the midst of a lot of hype and discussion among certain authors right now. Just wanted to share a bit that I read tonight…

“We trot out once more what worked in the past. The breath of God is bottled…the new, the creative, the fresh is looked on with suspicion, not with fascination….

The church of Jesus Christ is a place of promise and possibility, of adventure and discovery, a community of love on the move…But the security seekers are the enemies of openness. Their insistence on preserving the status quo thwarts innoovation and spontaneity and discourages the exploration of new roads…wanting to keep things the way they are automatically introduces a new insecurity with more cautions, threats and nervous tension.”

How true.

How true in our lives.
true in our country.
true in the church.