love this time of year. time to reflect. time to pause. time to learn from the last 12 months. time to check the course i’m steering.

as i’ve been doing that, here are some highlights from the last year in no particular order

1. training for, running and finishing the Dublin Marathon
2. experiencing the incredible atmosphere of the Ryder Cup (including my Sky Sports appearance)
3. a retreat I had the opportunity to go on in February for ‘Emerging Leaders’
4. having Trudy the pup join our family
5. sledging in the snow
6. performing a song with one of the young guys from our church
7. enjoying an evening meal with Sarah at midnight in Spain in t-shirt, shorts and flip flops
8. Pulse Youth weekend in February complete with full on snowball fight
9. seeing some good friends getting married
10. speaking to over 100 pupil leaders at Making Your Mark 2010

oh and 11….Spurs in Champions League. nuff said!