Thanks for your feedback on this stuff so far. Really keen to continue to hear your thoughts on leadership. I’ve gone for another important attribute for a leader.

3. Empowerment
The leader should always be looking to unlock and to unleash the God given creativity within people. At times this may mean discovering gifts and skills within people that they don’t see for themselves and providing the encouragement they need to test these. For others, a leaders task is to unleash the already established gifts within someone. The balance here is to create the best process for the person to still be stretched and learn more.

Empowering others is often a difficult balance to strike as it’s important not to throw the person in at the deep end all at once, but provide the right environment for them to test their gifts, learn from their mistakes and gain confidence in themselves. This requires patience on the part of the leader, recognising this as often a long term project, as well as a willingness to offer constructive feedback, even saying the hard things.

I once heard it said that a leaders task is to “empower others to become better than you.” I love this and totally agree with this statement. However, I also feel that this should never give the leader an opt out clause of getting stuck in and doing the things they are gifted in themselves.