I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership recently and doing some teaching/training on it. Wrote some stuff a while ago based around leadership and thought it might be good to share. This is something that I want to learn more about, think more about, talk more about and become better at…so your thoughts on this would be really helpful.

Leadership is a word that immediately conjures up images of stages, platforms and people at the front. We think of control, authority and power.

However, I think this is a false view of true leadership. Leadership should not be one dimensional in this sense, but should take place from the front out, from the top down, from coming alongside and from pushing behind.

Whether in a large crowd or in an intimate group, I feel the essence of leadership is centred around 3 main things. Here is the first…

The really obvious thing to look for in a leader is whether people follow them. In order for this to happen, the leader needs to be someone worth following! And so it is vital for a leader to be a person of good character, integrity and humility.

In some ways, a leader’s character should be more than just ‘clean’ or ‘good. Instead, it should inspire those around them to be better. Their character should go the extra mile in displaying an example for others to follow. Above all else a leaders lifestyle should be one that is an example to those following. This is more important than gifting or charisma or skills, because more than anything, it’s attitudes and actions that rub off onto the follower. For me, this creates the biggest challenge and responsibility of leadership.

To help create this example, the leader needs to be allowing those they are leading to get close to them. Not standing at a distant, but letting people watch and learn from how they talk, how they react, how they learn, how they develop, how they relax and how they handle conflict. This is a costly aspect of leadership, but one that the leader must take seriously.