their reaction said it all. the cries of derision left us in no doubt of how uncomfortable these teenagers were with what had been suggested.

no way would they wash the feet of their friends. or the 13 year old that they rarely speak to.

our group of 30 young people had been visualising the sights and the smells of the last supper. we had demonstrated the set up of a meal together. they took on the posture of those around a table. they imagined what it might have been like to have had your master wash your feet.

but i don’t think anyone thought we would actually practically model it out.

and as their horrified responses to us inviting them to wash the feet of others in their group, they suddenly discovered the audacity of the Master Jesus in this situation. the dirty and grimy feet. the intimacy of the act. the servanthood of the leader. the example to the world.

more and more i’ve been struck recently of the power of experiential bible story telling. of simply letting the text speak, drawing people into the story, asking probing questions and listening to the responses.

for me this was one of the most powerful nights of the last 3 years of our youth group. and it hammered home the truth of taking time to develop, grow and nurture a group. to lead young people step by step forward and move them to a point of response in their lives.

would love your thoughts on how we can do this more. in what other ways can we help people experience the Scriptures?

watch a video made from the night here