i’ve often been struck by the togetherness and community that young people find within their rugby team at school. and not just the togetherness, but the commitment that they give to it. like the daily gym work, the many practice sessions, the diet sheets and the cold saturday mornings. i find it pretty inspiring seeing young guys commit to something so much.

but then i compare that to what i see within church. few young men present. a lack of commitment from teenage guys. no dedication to their church community.

of course there are lots of reasons, but recently i heard a quote that caught me in relation to this dilemna:

“cause creates community”

for young lads the cause of winning for their school drives them on. the cause of playing at ravenhill. the cause of lifting the much sought after Schools Cup. and it is this cause that pushes them to extreme levels of dedication and commitment. it fosters a spirit of togetherness among their peers that runs deep in their veins.

perhaps when it comes to church we’ve lost sight of the cause that we all have. maybe we could be better at drawing one another into the cause and vision we have together. helping young people feel part of it all and allowing that common cause to create a deeper sense of community.

would welcome your thoughts as to how we can do this better…