rant coming up…

just like many of you i’ve just watched 2 teenagers make absolute fools of themselves on primetime national tv. i’m not even going to bother sticking the youtube video up. you know where to. it’s already circulating around facebook and twitter anyway. i’ve even seen a facebook group about ‘the girl who punched her mate live on stage’.

of course i understand if you laughed when you saw it. and yes i can see how it provided a little bit of entertainment for you on your saturday night…

…but i found the whole thing really uncomfortable. i felt like i should be turning over to another channel but couldn’t seem to bring myself to do so. watching young people flounder is never something i enjoy. it doesn’t matter where it is.

in school.
in public.
in church.
and especially not on television for millions to see, talk about and laugh at.

yes i know they put themselves there and are aware of the profile of the show…..but i’m not so sure those girls understand the power of the editor’s button. or the speed of social media. or the deep down human thirst for watching others fail.

of course we all know that these shows are slightly fake. the several auditions that hopefuls go through before they get in front of the judges, as produces eliminate anyone who isn’t either brilliant or awful and work out which people are worth interviewing and profiling on their show.

but there has been something about this series of X Factor auditions that has felt almost sinister. many of the scenarios have left me wondering the truth of the stories presented to us.

like the ‘placing together’ of a group of people who probably haven’t met each other before in order to contrast the good against the bad. judges ‘giving advice’ which suddenly transforms the performer. or asking partners to step aside for their friends. sad stories. arguments. punch ups.

all for the cause of better tv, better stories are created from nowhere. all in the aid of more powerful television, we get presented with scenarios that probably aren’t even true. and the actors in this huge game are the vulnerable and the naive who seek and crave the acceptance and approval that is missing in their lives.

i want to make clear that i’m not uncomfortable with laughing at bad singers. and it’s not that i don’t enjoy the drama of wondering whether this act will be awesome or awful. i don’t even mind the comments of the judges.

but i am uncomfortable with production crews manipulating storylines to spice up their show. and i’m uncomfortable with editing crews place clips, words and music in certain orders that present the events in a specific way. and it angers me to see millionaire judges rolling their eyes at someone who looks normal, dresses poorly and handles themselves badly in their first ever moment before a crowd of thousands.

time to stand up for the vulnerable, the misfits and those of us whose stories aren’t interesting enough for primetime tv.