Recently a few heads got together from a scattering of churches across the Antrim area to wonder what it would like if we set up some sort of place within the town centre where people could come and pray at different times of the day. Our hope was that we could encourage members from lots of churches throughout the town and area to be part of this.

A shared space. A place to pray. As simple as that.

Of course prayer should always be a regular rhythm in our lives and the constant beat of our hearts. But at times, I need to raise the intensity of my prayers and be intentional about it. I need a place to escape to, a space to be alone, and another chance to meet with God.

So from Saturday evening 21st August until the same time on the 28th August, the YMCA in Antrim will become a constant prayer room. It will be helpfully decorated and thoughtfully put together to help lead us in prayer, with space for folks to share some of their prayers, dreams and thoughts with the others who will be part of it.

Practically there are 168 hourly slots to fill throughout the week and we are looking for loads of people to get on board. For more info check out the Antrim 24-7 Prayer blog or just email to book your slot.

Hope you can join us!