every so often on here i like to highlight some hidden heroes who i’ve had the privilege to meet. this week i’ve been doing a few sessions with a church who are running a youth programme for teenagers in their area.

as i’ve communicated to these folks during the group sessions, i’ve noticed a couple of older men in their 60’s drawing alongside the young people. sometimes doing silly games, at times having a laugh, other times even on their knees. last night i watched one of these men play football with a group of energetic 13-14 year olds.

i guess these men are never going to win any awards for pioneering outreach. they may not be the most relevant role models for teenagers. and they are probably in the age bracket that gets written off a lot when it comes to youth work.

yes of course we need those enthusiastic older teenagers and twenty somethings with boundless energy, but how we also need to have more listeners, more influencers and more role models of young people of all ages. those who have seen it all before full of wisdom, discernment and experience.

and so it leaves me wondering how to help inspire the older generation to get involved with our young people. or to realise that mission doesn’t stop when you turn 30.