was able to attend a Practical Theology Conference on Wednesday through my work. wasn’t sure what to expect as it had been a wee while since i was around this type of thing. in fact, probably haven’t read much academic stuff since i graduated.

in fact, i think at that stage i closed that chapter of my life quite happily and vowed not to return to it too quickly. however, i really enjoyed the opportunity to be in a place this week that stretched my mind and made me consider concepts that i haven’t been around lately.

recently i’ve been yearning for that a bit more. i’ve felt settled in my thinking and have realised the need to be sharpened more in these things. so i’m beginning to look into some sort of further study or research that i can be involved in. it’s so easy to stand still and not develop. i guess i fear that.

i think with anything like this, there is a need for theological study to go hand in hand with practice….and hopefully in my sphere of work now, i have the opportunity to discover that balance…which is exciting!