i love being part of developing and pioneering new things. it’s exciting to see a gap and then try to offer something that will be part of a solution.

over the years, many teachers who lead SU or similar groups within their schools have often asked for help, support, advice or resources for the amazing work that they are involved. sometimes these requests are easily answered, but more often than not, the necessary support can’t be answered in a mere conversation.

so in my job i’ve had the privilege of developing and working towards a brand new SU Leaders Conference for teachers and volunteers right across Northern Ireland. we have called it ‘Re:Source’ and are excited about launching this. there is a great programme lined up and i think it will go a long way in helping support and resource these legends who lead and help out in these vital groups for young people.

so if you know of teachers or volunteers who are involved in SU groups within their group, then please mention this to them.

sat 28th august 2010
10am – 4pm
belfast bible college
keynote speaker: david shepherd
a day to inspire and equip all leaders of SU groups in Primary, Post Primary and Special Schools across Northern Ireland.