so it looks like Jose Mourinho is off to another club. again. yes he’s a great manager. yes he seems to bring success wherever he goes. and yes his charisma is good for the game. but his floating between clubs every 2 years is really starting to do my head in.

he claims he has achieved ‘everything’ he can with Inter Milan and so wants to move on to another club. everything?? really?? not sure Sir Alex Ferguson would agree!! a couple of league titles and a Champions League is not ‘everything.’ a great achievement yes. and a start certainly. but is that it? what about building a squad that competes at the top of the European game for the next decade?

it seems to me that Mourinho is scared of failure. he realises it was a freak that Inter won the Champions League this year and his departure shows that even the Special One knows he is incapable of repeating the feat next season. Jose’ love of the ‘underdog’ role shows that he doesn’t know what it means to maintain a winning momentum season upon season. and so his trophy grab and dash

part of me loves his pioneering spirit, but it also just smacks of the short term view we have of everything in our world. something that is revealed as we scream for change in government, education and church at the first sign of something not going our way. someone at the top fails our expectations and we call for replacements straight away. or we get bored of the same tool, voice or system all too quickly and look for a replacement.

cars. mobile phones. even friendships, relationships and marriages.

i’ve even heard someone tell a friend that their friendship was just for a ‘time and season’


have we lost a vision for the long term? lost sight of what can be achieved over a sustained period of time in favour of a quick smash and grab to make us feel better? got scared of failure or conflict that we move on all too easily?

i’m not saying change isn’t good. in fact, i often welcome change in certain circumstances. but never in favour of damaging friendships, breaking healthy relationships, destroying continuity and hindering growth.

perhaps i’ll write more soon on how i see this impacting the church, but i better shut up now. anyone else any other thoughts on this matter? i’m often enriched by your perspectives on stuff i share so please feel free to leave a comment provoking more thought or discussion. thanks….