had an amazing weekend away with some of our church community. basically it was anyone part of the small groups network and was a very powerful time away together. friendships were strengthened, significant conversations had as we opened the bible, and space provided to chill out and enjoy each other. here are a couple of snaps.

i led the saturday morning session based around the theme of individualism in our world, and how the concept of church is so counter cultural to that. we thought about how we really were ‘better together’

and all this election stuff has got me thinking that perhaps the same applies to our country. i stand to be proved wrong and am no expert on coalitions or majorities, but something about 2 parties working together, putting differences aside and being willing to compromise seems to me a much better form of government. yes, conflict will exist, but isn’t a stronger thing when we can learn how to deal with this conflict and still move forward?

perhaps all governments need that more. nobody monopolising. no agenda forced through. not an either/or but a both/and.

we’ll see…!!