tales of the unexpected website

got approached a few months ago about being involved in an online project that basically was a way for various people to share their stories. the idea was then that young people could use this as a resource to point their friends towards to better communicate their faith in Jesus.

as you may know from reading this blog, i’m a bit obsessed with ‘story’ at the minute, believing it is the most powerful thing we own. and so it sounded like something i wanted to be on board with.

so i popped over to a fantastic company called ‘Stereo‘ to film a snippet of my story to go on this website. and that was it done. it’s now amazing to be able to click on to this web page and discover several really powerful stories. although i think it’s just a start. would love to see young people’s stories on it soon.

big shout out to…
:: the vision of exodus and summer madness
:: the creativity of those driving it
:: the quality stereo brought to it.

be good to spread the word about this…