…And so even though God is so interested in the ordinary things of our lives, how often do we gloss over the daily events of others?

I know of a church who have a slot in their gathering every Sunday morning called ‘this time tomorrow’.

It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Basically a different member of their community stands up at the front and briefly outlines what they will be doing at that time tomorrow. It gives everyone an insight into the person’s world. Hearing the struggles of the daily grind. Listening to the passions of various individuals. Praying for the challenges ahead.

I imagine not that many of the stories are that spectacular. Or life changing. In fact, it’s probably incredibly ordinary.

But isn’t that the beauty of this initiative? Increasing the voice of the wider church family. Taking an interest in the mundane and not just the miraculous.

How much more empowering for the junior doctor, hearing the perspective of someone in the profession for many years, trying to live for Jesus in the midst of it? How exciting for the student teacher, listening to the excitement overflowing from someone currently in the profession? How necessary for a broken widow to hear the struggles of others in a similar situation?

So perhaps we need to take the ordinary situations in our lives to our close at hand neighbour more. But maybe we also need to be involved more in the daily routines of others around us.

Asking. Encouraging. Listening. Praying.

And celebrating the ordinary. Often.