When Sarah and I got married, we moved into our new home in a large estate in our area. In fact, everything was new for us.

New house.
New neighbours.
New routines.
New responsibilities.

We felt really fortunate to know another couple who live just across the street from us. They had been living in the area for the past couple of years and having them there was so helpful.

They cut our grass before we got a lawnmower. We borrowed their wii remote to allow us to set up multi-player games when friends came over. They informed us which day the bins were collected. And even more importantly, what bin was to be put out…

Was it black bin day? Or blue bin day? Which would mean it was actually a brown bin day too? And is that plastics or general waste anyway?!

I’m thankful that our neighbours don’t turn us away. We have never heard them say that our requests are ridiculous. Or that they are too ordinary.

“Come back when you have a more significant request” has never been their request.

Being neighbours and being close to hand, means that we are obliged to take an interest in the every day and seemingly insignificant tasks.

And isn’t that the same with God?

Not turning away our requests as too small, dull or boring, but welcoming our asking and delighting in being part of lives. Wanting to be close at hand to us. Not minding us knocking down his door no matter what time of the day or the night.