So we have just re-launched our Schools Podcast to make it even more accessible for pupils right across the country. The aim of the podcast is to bring encouraging, inspiring and challenging devotions from God’s Word in a fresh format. The first of the current series is online now, thinking about how we can better listen out for the whisper of God, and containing an interview with Aaron Boyd of Bluetree.

You can access the podcast at 2 points.

Firstly, for those who are unaccustomed to iTunes, we have set up a blog site at where you can listen to episodes online, download them for yourself, and interact through the comment feature on the site.

Secondly, you can access it directly at iTunes by clicking here. You can select the ‘Subscribe free’ button and all future episodes will automatically downloaded when they are made available. This will soon be searchable on the iTunes store as well.

Please do spread the word about this podcast to others. It feels like we have a great resource here and so it’s just crucial that we spread the word about this. Talk about, facebook it, email it, blog it, twitter it, announce it….whatever!!

This podcast has been really beneficial in the past couple of years as we have established it, and we think these changes will help people access it easier. Also, if you have any feedback on them, don’t hesitate to fire an email over to