wrote this before i saw the film. and feel the same still applies.


“Perhaps we need a reminder that we can put our past behind us. Or that tribal differences should never cause us to treat someone differently. Maybe we could see the power of living side by side with our neighbour. Or realise that nothing gives us the right to look down our noses at another human being.

And we need leaders in every walk of life: politics, education, church, who will see a future rather than a past.

Change really can be for the better.”


That movie was possibly the most powerful film I’ve ever seen. Not the best. Or the most polished. But definitely the most powerful.

Because it’s more than a movie. Greater than sport. Even deeper than a story. But in fact a concept that could change the world. A concept that I want to live out every day within our broken country….and world.

Forgiveness is for today.