Very excited about this film coming out this week. For so many reasons.

I remember watching the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final and getting completely caught up in the game and the occasion. I got behind South Africa because I loved the underdog, plus I didn’t like the All Blacks very much. I was ecstatic when they won yet, as a young 10 year old boy, I didn’t have a clue about the history of what I was watching as a black man handed a rugby trophy over to a white man. Or the political and national significance of what I saw unfold in that country. Or what a hero that black politician in the rugby shirt really was.

To be honest, this blog post by Paddy which focused on the story behind it all will do it way more justice than me, but I think this story has so much to say to us today. Especially here.

Perhaps we need a reminder that we can put our past behind us. Or that tribal differences should never cause us to treat someone differently. Maybe we could see the power of living side by side with our neighbour. Or realise that nothing gives us the right to look down our noses at another human being. And we need leaders in every walk of life: politics, education, church, who will see a future rather than a past.

Change really can be for the better.