i’m always intrigued by the moments in the films where huge chunks of time are skipped past. where the words ‘6 months later’ or ‘1 year after’ scroll across the bottom of the screen as we look at the character holding a new baby, sitting in court, or starting a new job.

maybe i’m too curious but i want to know the process in between. see the journey rather than just the destination. glimpse the decisions and the mistakes that have been made in between. is life that meaningless that we just rather dilute everything down to focus on the highlights.

perhaps that’s why our lives can seem so mundane when held up beside a film character.

anyway, it has got me thinking that if my life was watched as a story, what would be the bits that wouldn’t make the cut. what parts of my life would be summarised with the mere phrase of ‘2 years after’?

because the answer to that would probably reveal to me the points that i wasn’t living a good story. my hours in front of the television wouldn’t make the cut. those countless lie ins wouldn’t be there. and the times i was more consumed with i and me, than you, us, we, or them.

instead i am convinced that the story would focus on the things that would seemingly matter to other people. am i living enough those of moments now so they wouldn’t be skipped past? are you?