Every good story has a conflict. Forces of good coming against forces of evil. God’s story is no different.

It seems that in a story, for a character to grow, develop, change or reach their goal, they have to come through some sort of conflict. In fact, its the conflict that keeps us hooked. The conflict that brings tension to the story. The conflict that forces us to come off the fence and pick a side.

The disaster in the story of God has led to the conflict in the story. Forces of evil that oppose this ultimate force of good are now a part of this story. Even from early on in this story we see the serpent presented as the enemy of God. We immediately see this creature desperate to tear down the perfection that humanity finds itself in.

And this conflict continues. Through God’s people encamped in slavery. To His people walking their own way. Then the long and difficult journey to the promised land. To the years of silence. Not forgetting the temptations in the desert and the depths of the cross. Conflict is a constant thread throughout this whole story.

And conflict forms a part of our stories as well. We must deal with the conflict that exists between good and evil. And in doing so, deciding which side of the fence to live our lives on.

We can learn not just to do good, but to represent God’s good character in everything we do. With God’s help to love, to pray, to show compassion, to give. Every moment spent in teaching a child, every minute given to serving our family, every hour devoted to putting an arm around the unloved, every day we live our faith out to our friends. In all these things we join God in the conflict between good and evil.

Allow the conflict to shape your story.