so the x factor is all done. joe has just won and already we see how quick we are to tear people down. maybe it’s just the nature of our society but perhaps we just struggle with seeing other people realise their dreams.

“joe has no personality”….oh, so you’ve met him have you?!
“joe’s gay”….maybe, but does that change anything
“where will he be in 12 months”…probably singing his latest single to 20 million on next years x factor final
“he’ll never do anything in pop music”…i’ve heard that before
“joe just does covers”…have you heard any songs he has written?
“he can’t dance”…and leona can?

personally i think joe has an incredible voice and is a special talent. and while i’m not sure it’s the best way to enter the music industry, there’s every chance he’ll succeed and be an international superstar. but it’s too early to judge that i guess.

best to wait and see…