Partly inspired by my last post, our youth community at church (Pulse) have decided to run a Christmas Conspiracy this December.

The idea is to try to see past the stresses, presents, food and money that so fills Christmas every year, and try to do our small little bit to reflect some of the values of Jesus. Those things like loving the outcast, sharing time with people and caring about the poor. We hope this will help us to discover some of the joy of giving, as well as using this season to make a difference in people

Our ‘Christmas Conspiracy’ basically involves 12 days of challenges to make a difference between now and Christmas Day. These will be posted up on our blog every other day, along with a Christmas bible reading and thought. The young people are then encouraged to do a very specific challenge the next day, and then let us all know how they got on by commenting on the blog post. We hope it will be a good way of encouraging us all to think outside of ourselves this year, as well as interacting with each other throughout the Christmas season.

Feel free to join us!! All the details are over at our blog at – check it out and join the conspiracy!