last year as some of you will know i was involved in a very special christmas cd project with some good friends. together we attempted to put together a fresh, relevant and meaningful album of songs, thoughts and bible passages which told the incredible story of christmas. we also used the cd raise some money for an amazing mission organisation called ‘Out of Africa Missions’.

we were pleasantly surprised by how things turned out. the album contains the great voices of folks like stewart mcilrath, ruth williams and amanda mcivor. (you can hear samples over here although please ignore the text in the video as its from last year!!)

last year we used the opportunity to lead a couple of nights of music, media and thoughts…and also to sell the cds. sadly aside from a couple of smaller events we won’t be doing that this year, but we are keen to still the albums, both to inspire folks in the christmas message, but also to raise some more money for this fantastic charity.

the album is called ‘while earth slept’ which arose from the concept that God almost sneaked onto earth, while most people were blissfully unaware! and He still is moving on earth today, even if some of us miss that too. are we sleeping today in the same way?!

the cds are priced at £8 each and every bit of that money goes straight towards ‘Out of Africa’. they can be purchased at the SU Resource Centre in East Belfast on weekdays (9.30 – 5.30pm) or else from myself directly. if you would like one for yourself, or a few for christmas presents then please just let me know and i can sort you out.

oh, and for those from cookstown direction, were leading some christmas focused worship at cookstown baptist tomorrow night (sat 5th) from 8pm.