We all love stories. Whether it was growing up with Jack and the Beanstalk or Thomas the Tank. Then progressing onto Ramsey Street and Central Perk. Or getting our nose stuck into that great novel, or engrossed in that great DVD. We all love stories.

And our stories are important too. The story of our lives. Of who we are. And of where we came from. Documenting the significant moments along with the exciting events.

Stories have everything. Beginnings and Endings. Happiness and sadness. Life and death. Safety and danger. Friendship and conflict. The excitement and the mundane.

And so this year at Pulse we have been asking the question, if God wrote a story what would it look like?

This story that we hold in our hands is not just a collection of books or a moral compass. But ultimately a story. The story. The story of God. Do we know the full story? Do we really grasp the amazement of the one huge story of God from start to finish?