it was duke special who wrote these lyrics:

“i don’t get those popping idol shows
everybody knows that the good things take a little longer”

now its not that i haven’t got ridiculously drawn into this years x factor. or that i didn’t enjoy last year’s britain’s got talent. it is fantastic tv in my opinion and in an incredibly successful package.

i guess i’ve come to realise the truth of these lyrics. and also become increasingly frustrated with the concept of the shows. things like the rewarding of the quick success at the expense of those who have been learning their craft for years. the ease of performing to a huge studio audience who sing your name compared to the difficulty of early and intimidating gigs in pubs and concert halls.  the show that makes you a red carpet celebrity in 4 short weeks and sends you home as a loser the very next.

the world of a musician, or stand up comic, or even a preacher, is shaped through years of hard work. surely its in these first venues where a style is formed. these early days when craft is shaped. and the tough nights providing lessons learned.

but also, those days are a lot of fun too!! and for me, the pop stars being produced miss out on all that. and as we celebrate or mourn the latest voting drama on the weekend soap, we too miss some of the beauty that is being produced in our midst simply because it isn’t as well packaged, or worse, been given the right platform for their voice to be heard.

as i ponder these things, i begin to wonder if have we lost the love of small things in our society? have we become too scared of the hard nights?

because as duke special’s lyrics continue…”12 years on the cracks begin to show…”


PS – don’t read this as a reaction against lucie going out…as devastated as i was about this!!