For more than a while now, I have been in too many conversations with too many people who seem disillusioned and frustrated with church. And reading blog posts about it too!! Good post Ally…

Yet also in this time, I have been discovering that church can be the most beautiful thing on earth. And I have seen first hand how the church can powerfully make a difference in people’s lives. In mine.

And while the church might at times struggle, display apathy, lack vision or argue, God doesn’t seem to have a Plan B. Church is His idea!

This is something I’ve been wrestling with over the past few months. I’ve been struggling to work out what this dream of God looks like in the 21st Century. How could a group of believers grow in community with one another. How should churches better welcome in those on the fringes of faith in a town with not much church influence? Or how should a church function for a group of young people disconnected from any form of organised religion?

I want to keep wrestling with this. But I need the help of others. Need the voices of the 12 year olds. Need the perspective of those in their 60’s who have planted or led churches. Need the opinion of the disillusioned. Need the thoughts of the dynamic leader.

You’ll know that often I talk too much. And so I want to take the next few months to just listen. To discover the stories that will encourage me. To hear the perspectives of others. To have my thinking stretched by those who have much to contribute to this conversation.