this weekend i’m looking forward to heading to one of my favourite places in this amazing island of ours. yes, the scenery is amazing, but more than that, its both the memories and the people that make it so special.

back when the ‘worship ireland’ movement was in full swing, we took several teams to letterkenny, donegal town and raphoe over a 2 year period. and along the way we built up some special friendships. sometimes you go to places like this with the expectation to minister to those present. but yet, every time i left with a deep sense of being blessed by the welcome we received, the hospitality given to us, and the conversations we enjoyed. the words ‘blessed to be a blessing’ came to mind.

but after being in the county over 20 times in 3 years for different teams, missions, events and gatherings, it’s been almost a year since i’ve been there. and so i’ve been invited back to the annual Donegal Youth Convention to speak at the 3 nights over this weekend.

it was a few years ago that i was involved in leading worship at this convention. and its cool to see some of the people who were young people at the time, beginning to step into leadership and influence of this event and ministry. it seems like God has been raising up a group of passionate people in the area over the past few years, and its been exciting to watch this from a far, and occasionally get to share in parts of that journey.

and so both sarah and i are looking forward to sharing and serving alongside old friends this weekend. to once again being involved in shaping young peoples spiritual journeys. and playing just a small part in a continual work of God in this area.

don’t normally ask this, but if any of you pray, i would appreciate that for us both this weekend. that the words i speak would land. for connection with those who are listening. that this would be more than another event. that this would be life changing for some young people.