got embroiled in a bit of a facebook debate yesterday around this man. for me, this man proves the importance of good communication.

let’s be honest. louis walsh is an awful communicator. the things he says don’t get listened to because of the way he comes across, or because he’s always saying in that same over excitable voice, or because he waves his arms too much, and says everything in a high pitched tone! to me, he comes across as a complete muppet!!

whereas, simon cowell on the other hand is cool and calm. when he speaks, people lean in and listen. he doesn’t shout or say too much. and he also knows the art of when to be silent.

but behind it all, louis talks so much sense. especially in the last couple of weeks on the x factor. he clearly knows what he’s talking about. hes like the alex ferguson of music. Westlife, Boyzone, Girl’s Aloud, Cheryl Cole, JLS, the list keeps going…

and yet, because of his poor comunnication skills, his wisdom doesn’t get heard and he gets laughed at and ignored.

is it the same in other aspects of life? those who may lack the charisma but who are speaking the true and profound things that our world need to hear. is it a wake up call to the church about how the message is spoken, as well as heard?

but is it also a call to be people of substance. rather than just focusing on communicating, making sure that we have a strong truth and message to communicate. to have insights that challenge peoples mindsets. and speaking words that go deeper than just cliche.