earlier in the month i sat in a harvest service at a church a good few miles away from here. now for a start, i’m a harvest cynic. maybe because i have bad childhood memories of singing songs about ploughing fields and scattering stuff on them and bringing in the sheaves….or perhaps because in the world of young people fruit, flowers and vegetables are fairly far down the priority list. i love instead how our church present the service as a ‘thanksgiving sunday.’ but anyway…

and so the minister talks of how harvest brings colour to our world. and how “the world would be a very dull place if it was just black and grey.”

i looked at him.

he was wearing black trousers, a black jacket, black shoes, a black shirt, he had a greey beard and grey hair. and i suddenly realised he was right!!!!

the challenge for us is to bring colour into a dull, lifeless and uniform world at times. to be prepared to stand up and be different rather than going along with the flow. for me, this photo reminds me of who i want to be.