been preparing to do a seminar at MAD tomorrow and have been reminded about a fella called karl power. has anyone ever heard of him?

karl power is a major prankster, who has managed to appear, uninvited at several major sporting events over the last decade. formula one, wimbledon, rugby, cricket, and most famously of all, managing to get himself into the manchester united team photo before a champions leage match a few years ago. see below!!


perhaps i love karl power so much because i tried to be a bit of a prankster at school. but also because there is so much of celebrity culture that frustrates me and is inaccessible to the man on the street.

but on a slightly deeper note, how many times do we try to blend in to our surroundings by trying to be someone were not? instead of letting our true identity, thoughts and character shine through, so often we are tempted to just go with the flow, join the crowd and compromise who we really are.

in finishing, i’ll throw up a couple more snaps of mr power. in cricket and tennis gear. the first, coming on as a batsman in a test match beween england and south africa, and the second, making it on to Wimbledon’s Centre Court just before a Tim Henman match!! incredible…