think i’ve been thirsting for some music on the scene for a fair while. have been enjoying the eclectic beauty of phil wickham and kelly clarkson bizarrely, which perhaps highlight the lack of fresh inspiration!!

bought the new album from dave crowder band called ‘church music’ the other day. i immediately loved the title straight away because it sounds like anything but what we hear in our churches currently! the use of synths is very clever, though perhaps swaying on slightly overbearing at times. i need to hear it more but songs like ‘shadows’ and ‘we are loved’ stand out straight away.

i love this bands creativity, not just musically, but especially lyrically. there is such a need to be communicating truth in a new way. in a fresh language. and these guys do it, though never in a simplistic way.

however, i’m somewhat surprised to be saying that its a new song from matt redman that is blowing me away the most. perhaps we could accuse him of being middle of the road when it comes to worship music, however i’ve always felt that he has had his finger on the pulse when it comes to leading people in worship.

tim played this song at small group this week and it struck me straight away. here it is below. it’s called ‘you alone can rescue’