as i’ve been reading the story of moses, the israelites and joshua, i’ve been beginning to notice more and more parallels between it and the new testament. especially between the character of moses and the character of jesus.

it was desi maxwell who first alerted to me to these potential parallels in some of his lectures at bible college. some further reading helped me explore this. and then some teaching from glenn jordan led me further down that road in january.

but today as a staff we were exploring the story of Joshua 3…where God’s chosen people cross the Jordan river into the promised land. an amazing miracle in itself and so much to teach us about God’s character….but i was suddenly struck by more parallels.

in some ways its a throw back to the famous Red Sea miracles for the nation of Israel, but this time instead of leaving slavery, they are entering a new land that has been promised for many, many years. after years of mediocrity, stumbling, faltering and wandering, God’s chosen people enter a brand new land that seems so perfect and which they have been yearning for and looking forward to for such a long time.

and as i read these events, i’m struck that i too have been rescued from the slavery of my mess ups and human failings. and i’m reminded that in the times of my aimless meanders through life and my constant stuttering as i try to follow God’s leading, that a promised land awaits me too in the future. one that is perfect. one that i long for. one that doesn’t compare to the present. and one that i will enter miraculously, not through my greatness, but all down to the goodness of God.

rescued from slavery.
led through years of wilderness.
invited into a promised land that will never fade.