so there’s a brand new blog on the scene. it’s the early beginnings of the web presence for our amazing youth community at church called pulse. the shoots of something small yet significant have been springing up over the past year and this is just a small extension of that.

we don’t want to create an online youth ministry but we decided to use a fresh medium to inspire and inform our young people. the blog is created and updated by my good friend paddy, who is contributing to our youth community from his student base in england. his first main post is really inspiring.

our theme this year in ‘pulse’ is all about ‘STORY’. what elements does every good story contain? beginnings….some conflict, romance, a hero, a climax, a resolution are just a few. and so we will explore these themes and ask the question ‘if God had a story, what would it look like?’

we are excited as leaders about exploring God’s one big story, as well as taking time to listen to each others stories along the way. hopefully this blog will contribute to that.

check it out here