haven’t really mentioned on my blog much about getting married yet! won’t bore you all with wedding photos (that’s what’s facebook is for!) but thought i’d give a wee snapshot of our trip to the States for our honeymoon.

we were in New York and San Diego and had such a memorable time. 2 very contrasting places. 1 big, busy and full. the other beautiful, scenic and relaxing.

here’s a glimpse of it…

the amazingly lit up times square on night 1


at the top of the Rockefeller Centre with an amazing view of New York. Empire State Building behind…


sport had to be included. went to the baseball!


pondering the meaning of life at ground zero. felt eerie.


horse driven carriage ride through central park. beautiful place in the midst of a bustling city.


beating a local chess player in Central Park!


of course we had to go to the apple store!! i needed to check the ashes cricket score…sarah wanted to see wedding photos!!


americans know how to eat. another huge breakfast at our hotel on Mission Bay in San Diego.


the warm pacific ocean, the beautiful pacific beach 1 minutes walk from our hotel, and the day my white body took an absolute pasting from the sun!


us on a wee cruise across the bay one evening


where reality struck. at the amazing SeaWorld in San Diego.


not even time to show the Statue of Liberty, jet skiing in the bay at San Diego or the 100 screen ESPN Sports Bar!! trip of a lifetime, but the company made it as we just enjoyed being together and leaving the stresses and strains of organising weddings, buying houses and furnishing homes behind. a much needed break and one we’ll never forget!